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Fairy Unicorn is a 12-seat new self-control aircraft amusement equipment with the theme of fairy tale world.
In addition to the characteristics of a traditional rotary amusement machine, it also injects that passengers can control the rise and fall of the cockpit through footsteps or levers during operation, as if they are flying in the air, and have a feeling of dancing in the air, giving people a sense of a unique ride experience.
The mechanical amusement ride has the characteristics of safety, reliability, simple operation and convenient installation.

Fairy Unicorn Carousel Flutter Carousel Islands of Adventure Rides

Product Details
Voltage:  3 Phase 5 Wire Ac380v 50hz
Power: About 7kw
Rotating Motor Power: 2.2kw, Three Phase
Hydraulic System Motor:   3.75kw, Three Phase
Lighting Amplifier: 1kw, Single Phase
Operating Speed: ≤ 3.4 Rpm
Operating Height: ≤ 1.73m
Rated Capacity: 12 Persons (840kg)
Weight: About 2.5t
Diameter: 5.2m
Fence Diameter: 6m
Height: 4.5m
Ground Bearing Strength: ≥ 250kgf/㎡
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Product introduction

The carousel is one of the very classic amusement items. After the baptism of history, it has already become a product that will not be outdated. 
Carousels can be seen in some parks, squares, and playgrounds. Carousels are not only beautiful in appearance and diverse, but also have excellent quality and long service life. They are very popular with amusement equipment operators.
The carousel is a very common amusement equipment. I believe most people have experienced it. Part of the reason why the carousel has been prosperous for a long time is that the carousel is very beautiful, and its appearance changes with the market. 
The carousel is the iconic equipment of amusement parks, shopping malls and other amusement places. It is responsible for the facade. Its appearance is gorgeous, the lights are gorgeous, and it complements each other with colorful colors. A good carousel can upgrade the whole place to a very high-end grade.

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