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In the beautiful and colorful underwater kingdom, the happy clownfish Tom and his buddies swim around the colorful coral reefs.
But in the process of playing with his friends, Tom accidentally knocked open a treasure box that had been deposited on the seabed for many years, and a sparkling gem fell into the depths of the sea...
It turned out to be the lost gem in the Poseidon's crown. Tom decided to dive into the depths of the sea alone to find the gem and inlaid it on the Poseidon's crown. Tom slowly swam from the shallow to the deep sea area.
There was a ray of light in the darkness, and Tom thought he had found the gem and swam over excitedly. When approached, He found that it was a luminous bait on the head of a devil fish. At this time, a huge devil fish suddenly came out and bit Tom with its mouth full of fangs. Tom successfully escaped the catastrophe with his flexible and small body. Just as Tom found gems in a pile of shipwrecks and was about to leave, a big shark suddenly appeared, and at an extremely urgent moment, a figure rushed out and hit the shark heavily. Tom, who had not recovered, turned around and saw that it was his good friend, the dolphin, who had rescued him. The shark was not easy to mess with, and swam away in despair.
Tom and the little dolphin happily swim back to the colorful land of shallow seas with gems. Together, the gemstones are inlaid on the Poseidon's crown, which symbolizes power and peace, and it suddenly shines. Clownfish Tom and his pals cheer happily! Immediately, the Ocean Kingdom was immersed in a happy and joyful atmosphere!

Ocean World Amusment Equipment Merry Go Round Seaworld Carousel Rides

Product Details
Voltage:  ac380v 50hz 
Power: 4.5kw(motor Power: 3.0kw, Lighting Audio Power: 1.5kw)
Operation Speed: ≤1.8m/s
Operation Height: ≤1.36m 
Turning Diameter: 5.2m(without Fence), 6.26m(with Fence)
Occupied Space: 21.2㎡(without Fence);30.8㎡(with Fence)
Total Height: 3.8m With Canopy, Without Canopy: 3.2m)
Passengers: 12 Persons
Weight: 2.8 T 
Ground Bearing Strength: ≥350kgf/㎡
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Hotline: +86 13922331804
Merry go round
Ocean World Carousel
Carousel Ride for Sale
12 Seats Carousel Ride
Seaworld Rides
Product introduction

The merry go round seaworld rides, with the beautiful color of sea blue as the theme, is decorated with a variety of corals, aquatic plants and other marine creatures.
Maintenance of merry go round seaworld rides:
1. After the merry go round seaworld rides has been used for a period of time, the equipment should be overhauled as a whole to ensure that the equipment can be in good operating condition.
2. Frequently check the fasteners of the merry go round seaworld rides(especially the solid parts of the safety part), find the looseness and find the cause in time, repair and tighten it in time, and avoid accidents.
3. Regularly check the operation of the mechanical transmission parts, pay close attention to the abnormal noise and heat generated during the operation of the sea world carousel, find faults and eliminate them in time.
4. The mechanical running parts such as reduction box, slewing support bearing and gear meshing parts should be lubricated with grease regularly. The equipment has been filled with a certain amount of lubricating oil before leaving the factory, and generally does not need to be filled in the initial operation; the slewing support gear is filled with grease once a week depending on the situation; the slewing support bearing is filled with grease once a month, and the gearbox is lubricated. The oil is cleaned and replaced every six months. Note: The gear oil must be replaced once after two months of normal operation for new equipment.
5. The merry go round seaworld rides should be kept clean frequently. When there is dust, it should be cleaned with a soft cloth or a small amount of detergent; the shape of the glass fiber reinforced plastic can be used with car wax to maintain the luster and increase the service life.


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