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I think the title "Count" is the most common name for everyone, because it often appears in classic literary works, such as "The Count of Monte Cristo", "Dracula" and "Four Hundred Years".
Count "earl" is also a member of the nobility, a title of Anglo-Saxon origin, which also means "jarl" ("chief") in Scandinavian.
In early Scandinavia, it mainly referred to a chief who ruled a territory, but it could also refer to a prince who held land sovereignty. For example, the rulers of several small Norwegian kingdoms have the title "jarl" and in many cases have as much power as their neighboring monarchs who hold the title of king.
In Anglo-Saxon England, earls also own land under their jurisdiction and have the right to be tried in magistrates authorized by the king. They would collect fines and taxes for the king, and in return the earl would receive "one-third" of the income.
Therefore, the original function of the earl is actually similar to that of the royal governor. Although sometimes the title of the earl is nominally equivalent to the duke of the mainland, the obvious difference with them is that the earl itself is not the real ruler.

Earl Carousel-12Seats Merry Go Round King Arthur Disney World Rides

Product Details

Working Voltage:

 AC380V 50Hz 3-phase 5-wire

Total Voltage:


Operating Height:


Operation Speed:


Turntable Diameter:


Equipment Height:

3.8m (3.5m height without canopy)

Fence Diameter:


Rated capacity:

12 passengers (840kg)

Equipment weight:


Ground bearing strength:


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Merry Go Round
Product introduction

The Merry Go Round originated in the United States and gradually spread to various places. It is a very old equipment that is necessary for all playgrounds. Tourists' love for the Merry Go Round is enduring, and for most people, the Merry Go Round is a very romantic existence. There are two types of Merry Go Round equipments: luxury Merry Go Round and simple Merry Go Round, and the structure also has its own characteristics.
Now the design of the Merry Go Round has broken through the original shape that is purely based on a wooden horse, and has become a variety of animal shapes, such as lions, dolphins, tigers, etc. Customers can choose a single or a combination according to their own wishes. This makes the content of the carousel richer, more attractive and interesting, and more intense to watch.
The Merry Go Round is divided into luxury and simple. The luxurious Merry Go Round is extremely luxurious in appearance, including the color and the structure of the ceiling. The site conditions are customized, and the horses are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the characteristics of good-looking, safe, corrosion resistance and good stability. It enables you to play more easily and happily in your spare time



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