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The circus is a group organization that performs circus performances and is one of the main forms of entertainment for early people. Because the earliest performing animals were mainly horses, it got its name. In English, the horses performance group is called "Circus", which is derived from the Latin word "circle" and refers to the amphitheatre. Modern circuses also perform in circular venues.
Whether it is a horse in a circus or a horse in a merry-go-round, they all exist to bring joy to human beings, so there is today's Marvelous Circus. The Circus of Joy conveys an optimistic attitude that is positive and brings joy to others.
In the movie "Dumbo", the circus is the birthplace of the protagonist. Dumbo was born here, and was forced to be separated from his mother. He had to perform circus performances. After continuous efforts and attempts, he finally achieved success in his career. In the end, Dumbo and his mother were able to return to their homes. I hope every child is as brave and strong as Dumbo.

Marvelous Circus Christmas Carousel Merry Go Round Theme Park Ride

Product Details

Working Voltage:

AC380V 50-60Hz 3-phase 5-wire

Total Voltage:

2200 w

Operating Height:

About 1.60 m

Operating Speed:

4 rpm

Turntable Diameter:

4.9 m

Equipment Height:

4.9 m(3.36m height without canopy)

Fence Diameter:

5.9 m

Rated Capacity:

14 passengers

Equipment Weight:


Ground Bearing Strength:

About 250kgf/m2

Number of views:
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Merry Go Round Carousel
Central Park Carousel
Merry Go Round Carousel Mechanical Horse Ride
Product introduction

The Carousel is a classic amusement park ride that brings joy and nostalgia to people of all ages. The Marvelous Circus Christmas Carousel is a unique and enchanting version of this beloved ride.
1. Stunning Christmas Carousel Theme:
The Marvelous Circus Christmas Carousel is designed with a festive Christmas theme, creating a magical atmosphere that will captivate riders. The ride features vibrant decorations, colorful lights, and intricate detailing, transporting visitors into a world of wonder and joy. The carousel's theme adds an extra touch of excitement and charm, making it a perfect ride to visit during the holiday season.
2. Impressive Design and Height:
Standing at an operating height of approximately 1.60 meters, the Marvelous Circus Christmas Carousel offers riders a unique perspective as they spin around in beautifully crafted carousel horses. The equipment height reaches 4.9 meters (3.36 meters without the canopy), providing a visually stunning and immersive experience for riders. The carousel's design is carefully crafted to resemble a traditional circus, complete with ornate details and whimsical elements that enhance the overall ambiance.
3. Gentle and Delightful Ride:
Operating at a speed of 4 rotations per minute (rpm), the Merry Go Round provides a gentle and delightful ride for passengers. The soothing circular motion creates a sense of relaxation and joy as riders are carried around in their chosen carousel horse. The ride is suitable for riders of all ages, allowing families and friends to enjoy a memorable experience together.
4. Spacious and Safe Capacity:
The Marvelous Circus Christmas Carousel has a rated capacity of 14 passengers, ensuring that there is plenty of room for everyone to join in the fun. The carousel horses are designed to accommodate both children and adults, allowing families to ride together and create lasting memories. The ride's fence diameter of 5.9 meters provides an added layer of safety, keeping riders secure while they enjoy the enchanting journey.
5. High-quality Construction and Stability:
With a total weight of 2.5 tons, the Marvelous Circus Christmas Carousel is built to withstand rigorous use and provide a stable and safe ride experience. The ride's ground bearing strength of about 250kgf/m2 ensures that it can operate smoothly on various terrains. Its reliable construction and adherence to safety standards make it a trustworthy attraction for visitors.

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