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Ferris wheel is a large wheeled mechanical construction facility, hanging on the edge of the wheel is the cabin for passengers ( cabin ).Passengers sit on the wheel slowly up, overlooking the surrounding scenery from high.

65 Meters 36 Cabins Big Popular Ferris Wheel

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380V 50HZ

Rated power:


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Number of passenger cabins:

 36 cabins

Rated passengers:

6*36=216 people

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Ferris Wheels
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Big Ferris Wheel
Popular Ferris Wheel
Theme Park Ferris Wheel
Theme Park Ferris Wheel
Product introduction

The 65-meter, 36-cabin Ferris wheel is a magnificent and popular attraction that offers passengers breathtaking views from towering heights. With its impressive specifications and spacious cabins, this Ferris wheel promises an unforgettable experience for riders of all ages. 
1. Impressive Specifications:
The 65-meter, 36-cabin Ferris wheel boasts impressive specifications that ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all. Operating at a rated voltage of 380V 50HZ, it provides a rated power of 100KW. The drive power is 26.4KW, ensuring smooth and reliable operation throughout the ride. These specifications contribute to the Ferris wheel's ability to deliver a thrilling yet comfortable experience for passengers.
2. Towering Height and Spacious Cabins:
Standing tall at a height of 65 meters, this Ferris wheel offers riders a mesmerizing vantage point to admire the surrounding landscape. The rotation diameter measures an impressive 59.85 meters, providing a wide and expansive view. With 36 cabins available, passengers have ample space to relax and enjoy the ride. Each cabin has a capacity of 6 passengers, allowing a total of 216 people to experience the Ferris wheel simultaneously.
3. Breathtaking Views:
As the Ferris wheel ascends to its towering height, passengers are treated to breathtaking panoramic views. Whether it's a city skyline, scenic landscape, or festival grounds, riders can immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings. The gentle rotation of the Ferris wheel ensures that each passenger gets a chance to appreciate every angle and capture memorable moments.
4. Safety and Comfort:
Safety remains a top priority for the 65-meter, 36-cabin Ferris wheel. The ride is equipped with a reliable and efficient drive power system that ensures smooth and secure operations. The cabins are designed to provide both safety and comfort, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the experience. The Ferris wheel's construction adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for all riders.
5. Wide Coverage and Easy Installation:
The 65-meter, 36-cabin Ferris wheel features a wide coverage area, making it a popular attraction in amusement parks, fairs, and other entertainment venues. With a covered area of 38 meters by 32 meters, it can accommodate a significant number of spectators and riders. Despite its grand size, the Ferris wheel is designed for easy installation, allowing for efficient transportation and assembly.
The 65-meter, 36-cabin Ferris wheel offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience for riders seeking panoramic views and exhilarating heights. 

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