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Mini Ferris Wheel 12 Seats Bayside Ferris Wheel Millennium Wheel Double Ferris Wheel

Product Details
Working Voltage: AC380V 50Hz 3-phase
Total Voltage: 3kw
Operating Height: 5 m
Operating Speed: 1 rpm(can be adjusted)
Rotation Diameter: 5.12 m
Equipment Height: 6m
Ground Ocupation: 7m×6.5m
Rated Capacity:  12 passengers
Equipment Weight:  2000kg
Service Life:  8 years
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Ferris Wheels
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fairy wheel
disneyland ferris wheel
mickey\'s fun wheel
the ferris wheel
Product introduction

1.Working Voltage:AC380V 50Hz 3-phase

2.Total Voltage:3kw

3.Operating Height:5 m

4.Operating Speed: 1 rpm(can be adjusted)

5.Rotation Diameter:5.12 m

6.Equipment Height:6 m

7.Ground Ocupation: 7m×6.5m

8.Rated Capacity:12 passengers

9.Equipment Weight:2000kg

10.Service Life:8 years.


Notes on riding the Ferris wheel:
1. Some people cannot ride the Ferris wheel. People with neck diseases, heart disease or other diseases cannot ride the Ferris wheel. Of course, people who have not recovered after surgery are also not allowed.
2. If parents take their children to ride the Ferris wheel, if the children are relatively small, try not to let the children ride by themselves, and parents need to accompany them.
3. When we ride the Ferris wheel, we need to wait in line. During this period, follow the instructions of the staff, see the steps clearly, go down first and then go up, and do not compete for seats.
4. During the movement of the Ferris wheel, passengers are strictly prohibited from jumping on the seat, walking or leaving the seat, knocking on the equipment and playing with other dangerous actions to avoid safety accidents.
5. Finally, after riding the Ferris wheel, wait for the Ferris wheel to stabilize. Please count the items you carry, follow the instructions of the staff, and leave the exit as soon as possible in order.

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