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Mini Ferris Wheel 12 Seats Bayside Ferris Wheel Millennium Wheel Double Ferris Wheel

Product Details
Working Voltage: AC380V 50Hz 3-phase
Total Voltage: 3kw
Operating Height: 5 m
Operating Speed: 1 rpm(can be adjusted)
Rotation Diameter: 5.12 m
Equipment Height: 6m
Ground Ocupation: 7m×6.5m
Rated Capacity:  12 passengers
Equipment Weight:  2000kg
Service Life:  8 years
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Ferris Wheels
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Product introduction

Step right up and experience the enchantment of the Mini Ferris Wheel! This captivating amusement ride offers a delightful spin on the classic Ferris Wheel, designed to bring joy and excitement to riders of all ages. 
1. Working Voltage and Total Power:
The Mini Ferris Wheel operates on AC380V 50Hz 3-phase power, ensuring a stable and reliable energy source for its smooth operation. With a total power of 3kW, this ride is efficient and can provide an exhilarating experience for riders.
2. Operating Height and Speed:
Rising to a height of 5 meters, the Mini Ferris Wheel grants riders a panoramic view of their surroundings. As it revolves at a leisurely pace of 1 revolution per minute (adjustable), passengers can relax and take in the sights while enjoying a gentle and comfortable ride.
3. Rotation Diameter and Equipment Height:
With a rotation diameter of 5.12 meters, the Mini Ferris Wheel offers an optimal balance between spaciousness and intimacy, creating an enjoyable experience for riders. The equipment itself stands at a height of 6 meters, providing an eye-catching spectacle that adds to the allure of the ride.
4. Ground Occupation and Weight:
The Mini Ferris Wheel requires an area of 7m x 6.5m to be properly installed and operated, ensuring sufficient space for riders to embark and disembark safely. Despite its impressive stature, the ride has a weight of 2000kg, making it manageable to transport and set up within the amusement park.
5. Rated Capacity and Service Life:
Capable of accommodating up to 12 passengers, the Mini Ferris Wheel allows friends and family to enjoy the experience together, creating lasting memories. Designed for durability, this ride has an estimated service life of 8 years, ensuring that visitors can enjoy its whimsical delights for years to come.

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