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18 seats 360 Degree Carnival Thrill Mini Amusement Park Rides Big Swing Air Bus Rotating Thrilling Ride

Product Details
Air Bus  -18P  
Voltage:  3 phase 5 wire AC380V 50Hz 
Power:  About 9.7KW
Rotating Motor Power:  3KW, three phase
Hydraulic System Motor:  5.5KW
Lighting Amplifier:  1.25KW
Turning Speed:  ≤ 2m/s, can be adjusted
Cylinder Telescopic Length: 150 mm
Aircraft Angel: ≤18
Operating Height:  ≤ 1.95m
Operating Speed:  ≤ 1.9m/s
Rated Capacity:  18 persons (1260kg)
Weight:  About 3.5T
With PC fence ,Diameter:  9m
Ground bearing strength:  ≥ 350 kgf/㎡
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Rotating Rides
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360 degree rotating ride
swing happy car amusement ride
360 Degree Rotation Control Rolling Car Carnival
Product introduction

The Air Bus is not part of the special amusement equipment description

The running speed of the device is less than or equal to 1.9m/s and the running height is less than or equal to 1.95m.

According to the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Large Amusement Equipment and Facilities:

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions

Article 43 The term "large-scale amusement facilities" as mentioned in these Regulations refers to the amusement facilities that are used for business purposes and carry passengers as prescribed in the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, the scope of which is stipulated to be the large-scale amusement facilities with a maximum designed speed of running line greater than or equal to 2m/s, or with a height higher than or equal to 2m above the ground.

The Aerial bus is a children's amusement device that rotates and lifts 18 people with the theme of flying. In addition to the features of traditional rotation and lifting, the equipment cabin tilt, rotation, and revolution, as well as the bright, good-looking, and conspicuous fiberglass molding, the equipment keeps lifting and rotating while tourists are playing, and the vivid and pleasant music and flashing lights bring people different flight experience. And the mechanical amusement device has a separate seat belt for each seat. It can protect and fix users during operation so that the whole equipment has the characteristics of safety and reliability, simple operation, convenient installation, and so on.

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