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Product Idea Source - Rescue Helicopter
Rescue helicopter is the application of helicopter to emergency rescue (air 120), which can reach the work site inaccessible by water and land more quickly, and carry out search and rescue, material transportation, air command and other work. It is the most effective emergency rescue commonly used in many countries in the world.

Fire Rescue Top Thrill Dragster Strat Speed Thrill City Adventure Park Ride

Product Details
Power: 15KW AC380V 50HZ / 60HZ
Occupied Space: 11.5 x 6 x 4.5 m (with fence)
Total Height: 4.3m 
Operating Height: 1.55m
Lifting Height: 0.8m
Operating Speed: ≤ 2m/s
Turning Speed: 4RPM
Gross Weight: 4.5T
Passenger: 6 people ( 450kg )
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Product introduction

During the operation of the fire rescue rides, in addition to the daily inspection of the fire rescue rides by the operator, the user should also organize professional and technical personnel to regularly inspect the facility. 
The maintenance system of fire rescue rides is generally divided into three-level maintenance systems: daily maintenance, primary maintenance, and secondary maintenance.
The regular maintenance of fire rescue rides is the basis of maintenance work, which is characterized by regularity and institutionalization. Routine maintenance includes maintenance before shift, after shift and during operation.
The first-level maintenance of fire rescue rides is to make the equipment meet the requirements of neatness, cleanliness and safety, reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, the hidden dangers of the equipment, eliminate minor faults, and keep the equipment in a normal state.
The secondary maintenance of fire rescue rides is to extend the service life of children's amusement equipment, make the equipment reach the standard of integrity, and maintain the integrity rate of the equipment. The content of the secondary maintenance of the equipment is: according to the use of the equipment, part or all of the dismantling inspection or cleaning, overhauling the various parts and lines of the equipment, repairing and replacing the damaged parts.


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