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The pirate ship is a viewing vehicle-themed amusement equipment. After the equipment is started, the pirate ship swings from slow to rapid swing around the horizontal axis, and the tourists swing back and forth with the pirate ship from slow to rapid, which is thrilling and exciting.

Ice and Snow Pirate Ship Design Patent Certificate

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pirate ship
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Precautions for taking a pirate ship:
1. The pirate ship is not suitable for people with heart disease, fear of heights or physical defects that cannot be safely positioned;
2. It is forbidden to ride in slippers.
3. It is forbidden to play and play during the operation of the pirate ship, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.
4. Take good care of easily falling and valuables.
5. It is forbidden to litter peeling paper around the pirate ship, please keep the environment around the device hygienic.
6. Obey the arrangement of the staff. For tourists who violate the above safety regulations, the advice is invalid, and the staff has the right to terminate their qualifications to participate in this recreational activity.
7. In case of emergencies, please do not panic, keep calm, and wait for the help of the staff.
Precautions in the operation of the pirate ship:
1. After the pirate ship is started, tourists are prohibited from extending any part of the body such as hands, arms, and feet out of the equipment to avoid accidents.
2. Passengers must keep glasses, cameras, bags, keys, mobile phones and other easily-falling items for safekeeping, and do not take them on board.
3. Follow the instructions of the staff, sit firmly and support it, and it is forbidden to open the bumper or safety lock without authorization to avoid danger.

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