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Unicorn Train Battery Powered Amusement Mini Train Low Price Train Set

Product Details
Power Supply: DC48V-(4*12v) 150AH lead-acid maintenance-free 
Working Voltage: DC12V (decoration and control) /DC48V (motor)
Operating Current: Battery average output less than 15A
Charger: Automatic smart charger 48V/25A
Charge Time: 6-8h
Mileage: About 60 km (8~12h )
Electronic Control System: Brush-less motor controller
Drive Power: 1.2kw (DC brush-less motor)
Passenger: 11 persons
Max Load Capacity: 140kg/(single carriage),770kg/(whole train)
Max Speed: ≤ 5km/h (full load)
Turning Radius: Turning radius inner side ≧1.8m, Turning radius outer side ≧2.9m
Train Weight: 830KG
Total Size: 10.85m (L) x1.3m (W) x 1.42m (H)
Locomotive Size: 1.92m (L) X1.17 (W) X1.42 (H)
Carriage Size: 1.78m (L) x 1.3m (W) x 1.1m (H) (with pull rod)
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Train Rides
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trackless train
Product introduction

Trackless trains have become the new darling of the amusement equipment industry, and are constantly expanding their market share. Why are trackless trains becoming the new darling of the industry?
First of all, the functions of trackless trains are constantly improving, from the original track type to the current trackless type, and the functions of the equipment are getting closer and closer to the real train. It can not only whistle and jet, but also equipped with cool lights. During the driving process, the driver can choose to play the stored music by himself. The equipped shout function can inform the passengers of the road conditions in time, and can also introduce the scenic spot in the scenic spot. Trackless trains have more and more functions and more and more natural uses, so becoming a new favorite is also an inevitable result.
Trackless trains have low cost, are very convenient to operate, have very high benefits, and are very convenient to operate. They are the first choice for the primary entry amusement equipment industry to choose equipment.
Now that the country's economy is developing well, most people have a little spare money in their hands, and they pay more attention to tourism consumption. Trackless trains can play the role of transporting passengers in scenic spots, and they are very beautiful and are deeply loved by parents and children. Trackless trains are widely used in various scenic spots.


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