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Time Goes Back 40 Seats Giant Square Ferris Wheel Manufacturer 

Product Details
Working Voltage: AC380V 50-60Hz 3-phase 5-wire
Total Voltage: 11kw
Operating Height: 10.5 m
Operating Speed:  0.6 rpm(can be adjusted)
Rotation Diameter: 9.4 m
Equipment Height: 12m
Liner Velocity : 0.3m/s
Ground Ocupation:  12m×6.5m
Rated Capacity: 40 passengers 
Equipment Weight: 17300kg
Service Life: 15 years.
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Ferris Wheels
Hotline: +86 13922331804
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Product introduction

As a common large-scale amusement facility, the Ferris wheel is popular among tourists because of its functions of amusement and sightseeing, running smoothly and suitable for all ages. At the same time, the Ferris wheel has a large passenger capacity and a low operating cost, which brings significant economic benefits, so it contains a huge market potential. In recent years, the number of construction of Ferris wheel has also increased, and it is developing in the direction of higher height, larger diameter and more unique shape. The design pays more attention to aesthetics, and more and more is related to the surrounding landscape or buildings. combine.
The operational characteristics of the Ferris wheel:
1. The Ferris wheel is installed in an outdoor environment, exposed to the sun and rain all year round, and has been subjected to complex climate factors such as solar radiation and sudden wind direction changes for a long time;
2. Complete the pick-up and drop-off while running (rotating at a constant speed);
3. The building environment around the operating site of the landmark Ferris wheel is complex, with a large flow of people and diverse types of passengers;
4. The structure of the large Ferris wheel is getting larger and larger, and the influence of the foundation on the structure needs to be gradually stabilized after the equipment runs for a period of time.



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