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Product Story
The "Star Speed" design work is an appearance design work customized for the rotating speed car project of mechanical amusement equipment.
Design concept:
One night in 2065, on the quiet streets of Wayne in the early morning, everything became calm... The noisy city was gradually entering a dreamland. Suddenly, two dazzling light belts flew by, like white horses passing through the gap... ......There was only a whizzing sound, and then a cold wind rushed to the face, shocking the passers-by in cold sweat! People who haven't recovered yet turn their heads back, and they have long since disappeared.
Whether it is now or in the future world, for young people who pursue speed and passion, there is nothing more seductive than the thrill of adrenaline burst brought by extreme speed!
There is an interstellar speed confrontation on the streets of Wayne tonight. The two sides are driving the world's top AIR CRAFT magnetic levitation super car.
Friends who pursue the temptation of extreme speed, come together! Participate in this speedy competition and prove your courage and strength by driving the world's top AIR CRAFT chariot!

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Product Details
Rated Voltage: AC380V 50HZ Three-phase five-wire
Rated Power: 4.5 KW main power+0.5KW 24V decoration)
Occupied Space: 47.5m2 (With fence)
Size With Fence: W9500*D5000(mm)
Without Fence: W5660*D3300(mm)
Total Height: 2.3m
Turning Diameter: 3.9m
Operation Height: 3m
Operation Speed: 1.8m/s
Turning Speed: 9.5 RPM
Gross Weight: 1.5T
Passenger: 8 ( 450kg )
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Amusement rides
Product introduction

Amusement rides refer to equipment that can provide amusement and play. Amusement rides are carefully designed new projects for the naughty characteristics of children. Its novel concept, unique overall shape and scientific and technological content integrate jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, rocking and other multi-functional comprehensive amusement rides.
Amusement rides can be classified into: large-scale amusement rides, small and medium-sized amusement rides, inflatable toys, small preschool education, etc.
Safety insurance measures for amusement rides:
The overall structure of the passenger part of the amusement ride running in the air should be firm and reliable, and insurance measures should be taken for its important parts.
The number of wire ropes or chains used for suspending the passenger part shall not be less than two. The connection with the seat part must be considered to be able to maintain balance when one is disconnected.
The door that closes the cockpit above 1m from the ground must be equipped with two locking devices or a locking device with safety that cannot be opened by passengers inside. Blocks at the entrance and exit of the non-enclosed cockpit should also have a locking device with safety.
When the amusement ride is in operation, the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails, which endangers the safety of passengers, and an automatic or manual emergency stop device must be provided.
After the amusement ride fails during operation, measures should be taken to relieve the passengers.

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