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The universe's Milky Way and Bath Galaxy will meet in an ion storm.
The owner of Bass Galaxy predicted that this storm would gradually form a huge black hole of energy, which would swallow up all the matter of the two galaxies. The current technology of Bass Galaxy could not prevent the formation of black holes, so he invited the Milky Way galaxy asked his Earth Special Forces to complete this mission together.
After the joint efforts of the two parties, a super-energy nuclear bomb was developed and launched to the core of the ion black hole. During the escort of the special forces spaceship and the Bath fighter, it was involved in a powerful ion swirl.
Through the unity and hard work of each other, they finally broke through the obstacles, shot the super missile into the core of the black hole, and detonated it.
With a powerful explosion of energy, everything in the universe returned to peace and quiet, and the humans and Bath people cheered and celebrated, becoming the most solid alliance in the universe.

Space Hovering Flying Chair Universal's Islands of Adventure Merry Go Round

Product Details

Rated Voltage:

 220V 50HZ

Rated Power:



6m with fence, 4.15m without fence



Turning Diameter:


Operation Height


Operation Speed

≤ 1.9m/s

Turning Speed:

7~8 RPM   

Turning Direction:




Loading Capacity:

 10 kids or 5 adults      

Number of views:
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flying chair
Product introduction

Flying chairs can also be called aerial swivel chairs, shaking head flying chairs, luxury flying chairs or hurricane flying chairs, etc. It is a novel flying tower type amusement equipment. The flying chair revolves with the column, and the large turntable on the top rises, tilts, and swings in the opposite direction, so that the passengers suspended by the chain are undulating and spinning under the action of centrifugal force. The combination of the three superimposed motions is like a ballet blooming. Yinyan danced in the air.
Features of flying chair:
When night falls, the flying chair amusement equipment can swing the rotating umbrella to correspond with the city neon, like a city rainbow. Tourists ride on the hanging chairs and slowly rise with the rotation of the turntable, as if they are flying in the sky. Because the turntable of the flying chair can be raised, the angle of the vertical column head is gradually deflected, making the tourists feel like they are in the undulating sea. , the fun is endless, coupled with the luxurious and beautiful appearance decoration, it is refreshing and is a highlight of the amusement park.
Precautions for the use of flying chair equipment:
First of all, we must understand the basic structure of the flying chair, and then try to use it on this basis. In addition, in the process of using, avoid the speed too fast, it will be easy to throw out if you are not careful, and also, avoid shaking it back and forth, because it will easily loosen some screws and affect the rotation of the swivel chair.
Second, take a closer look at the quality of the swivel chair. When choosing a swivel chair, be sure to try it and feel its comfort; then slide a distance on the ground to see if the device is stable and flexible. Then press the surface of the swivel chair with your hand. The surface of a good swivel chair has excellent elasticity. If the surface of the swivel chair is prone to deep pits, it indicates that there is a problem with its quality.

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