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The appearance is inspired by the Disney animation Buzz Lightyear, the space trooper who defends the universe in Interstellar Headquarters. After losing his best partner on a mission, he vowed to carry out the mission alone.
At this time, the evil King Zack used mysterious power to transform the minds of the members of the Interstellar Headquarters, preparing to seize control of the universe.
Buzz Lightyear considers himself the leader of the distant interstellar, bent on saving the earth and flying into the universe. So embark on a journey of salvation. His mantra is to fly to the universe, the vastness!

Space Hovering Flying Chair Merry Round Magic Kingdom 10 Seats Carousel

Product Details
Rated Voltage: 220V 50HZ 
Rated Power: 2KW
Diameter: 6m with fence, 4.15m without fence
Height: 4m
Turning Diameter: 4m
Operation Height: 1.2m
Operation Speed: ≤ 1.5m/s 
Turning Speed: 7~8 RPM   
Turning Direction:  clockwise
Weight: 1.7T
Loading Capacity: 10 kids or 5 adults  
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Hotline: +86 13922331804
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Flying Chair
Product introduction

In parks or amusement parks, there is a common amusement facility called "flying chair". Its basic device is to fix the upper end of the rope on the turntable, and the lower end of the rope is connected to the seat. People sit on the flying chair and rotate in the air as the turntable rotates. Flying chair, also known as hurricane flying chair, children's shaking head flying chair, lifting and rotating shaking head flying chair.
The flying chair is a novel flying tower type amusement equipment, which integrates rotation, lifting and shaking. The mushroom top of the flying chair is swayed, and it looks like an open umbrella from a distance, which is very spectacular.
The flying chair is equipped with a safety seat, a delicate, stainless steel safety hanging chair, which is more fun and practical to play. Under the action of centrifugal force, passengers undulate and swirl. The perfect combination of three superimposed movements is like a ballet blooming, and like a silver swallow spinning in the air, flying, one after another, and up and down. When night falls, the flying chair is like an open umbrella, corresponding to the city neon lights, which is undoubtedly another city rainbow. In the amusement park, it will attract the attention of tourists for the first time.


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