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Small Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Niagara Ferris Wheel for Sale

Product Details
Working Voltage: AC380V 50Hz 3-phase
Total Voltage: 3kw
Operating Height: 5 m
Operating Speed: 1 rpm(can be adjusted)
Rotation Diameter: 5.12 m
Equipment Height: 6m
Ground Ocupation: 7m×6.5m
Rated Capacity:  12 passengers
Equipment Weight:  2000kg
Service Life:  8 years
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Ferris Wheels
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Ferris Wheel
Product introduction

A Ferris wheel is a large runner-like mechanical construction facility with a cockpit for passengers hanging on the edge of the wheel. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel and slowly turn up, and can overlook the surrounding scenery from a high place. The most common Ferris wheel generally appears in amusement parks or theme parks, and together with roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, it is called the "Three Treasures of Paradise". But the Ferris wheel often exists alone in other occasions, usually used as a viewing platform for activities.
The working principle of the Ferris wheel is to use a motor to decelerate through a reducer, convert high-speed low-torque mechanical power into high-torque low-speed mechanical power, and transmit it to the wheel through an intermediate mechanism such as tires that is both elastic and strong. Turn it at low speed.
According to the difference of the operating mechanism, the Ferris wheel can be divided into three types: gravity Ferris wheel, spokeless Ferris wheel and observation Ferris wheel. The cockpit of the gravity Ferris wheel is hung on the wheel to maintain the level of the sliding shaft by gravity; while the cockpit on the observation wheel is suspended outside the wheel, which requires a more complicated mechanical structure of connecting rods, which rotates with the carriage. position to synchronously adjust its hold level.




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