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Fire Rescue Extreme Rides Thrill Ride Stratosphere Thrill Rides 

Product Story Introduction
The nature reserve in Dennis Gorge is surrounded by continuous peaks, vast seas, and crisscrossed rivers. The town of Vinny is located in this valley, surrounded by mountains, and the scenery is very beautiful.
On a hot autumn afternoon, a wisp of blue smoke suddenly gushed out of the jungle in the distance, and then a forest fire broke out, engulfing the entire forest in an instant. with this Pooh town deep in the jungle.
At this critical moment, a white and orange coaxial twin-rotor S-98 future emergency rescue helicopter appeared in the thick smoke, carrying several rescuers and hoisting a 4.5-ton water tank to spray forcefully in the air. The crew watched the fire line burning under the helicopter, accurately selected the target, and decisively pressed the switch controlling the water valve at the bottom of the bucket. In an instant, a curtain of water poured down, accurately covering the fire line, and the fire was extinguished immediately.
The forest regained its former tranquility, and the residents of the town excitedly waved their thanks to the rescue warriors. Protecting forest resources and the safety of people's lives and property is the unshakable responsibility of our rescue team. "This fire line rescue operation has been successfully carried out, and all the crew members have returned." Following the captain's order, the rescue helicopter turned its nose and disappeared into the mist lingering in the mountains...


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