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Ocean Train Macaroon ColorTheme Park Battery Train Suppliers  in China

Product Details
Power Supply: DC48V-(4*12v) 150AH lead-acid maintenance-free
Battery Voltage: DC12V (decoration) /DC48V (motor)
Charger: Automatic smart charger 48V/16A
Charge Time: 6-8h Endurance
Mileage: about 60km (8~10h)
Electronic Control System: DC brush-less motor controller
Power:  1.2kw
Speed: ≤ 5km/h
Passenger: 13 (1 front car x 1P + 3 carbines x4P)
Body Turning Radius: Turning radius inner side ≧1.8m, Turning radius outer side ≧2.9m
Size:  8.9m (length) x1.2m (width) x 1.5m (height)

No-load weight: 830kg ( locomotive-422kg+carriage1-135kg+carriage2

-135kg + carriage3-137kg ) ;

Full Load Weight: 1565kg.
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Train Rides
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Product introduction

Trackless train rides not only save energy and make money, but also have qualified environmental performance. The energy saving and environmental protection performance of the trackless train rides is reflected in the following points:
1. The trackless train rides has a simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain. At the same time, its speed regulation system can also achieve very stable speed regulation and stable operation, which can improve the safety and reliability of running.
 2. The trackless train rides has the function of reverse driving. Compared with electric bicycles, it can easily realize reverse driving and has voice prompts, which is very practical in narrow alleys and alleys. Flexibility, fun, not being restricted by the venue and other advantages, it has been loved by the masses since its launch.
3. The trackless train rides can be charged at night when the power consumption is low, making full use of power resources and balancing the power supply quality of the power grid. On the one hand, it can save costs, and on the other hand, it can produce better social benefits and obvious environmental protection benefits.
 4. The trackless train rides is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, green and pollution-free. There is no pollution during the operation of the small train in the shopping mall, and it does not emit nitrogen dioxide and other gases like fuel vehicles, which is conducive to environmental protection.
The environmental protection performance of trackless train rides is favored by many customers, whether it is scenic spots, shopping malls, museums, pastoral town attractions, etc., in the pedestrian street in the scenic spot, if you are tired, get on the small train and accompany your children to watch the scenery while telling stories. , or while chatting, the distance between parents and children is shortened, and the trackless train rides can be seen in the future.


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