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Marvelous CircusChristmas Merry Go Round Kings Island  Carousel Rides 

Product Details
Marvelous Circus: 14p
Working Voltage: AC380V 50-60Hz 3-phase 5-wire
Total Voltage: 2200 w
Operating Height: ≤1.60 m
Operating Speed: 4 rpm
Turntable Diameter: 4.9 m
Equipment Height: 4.9 m(3.36m height without canopy)
Fence Diameter: 5.9 m
Rated Capacity: 14 passengers 
Equipment Weight: 2.5t
Ground Bearing Strength: ≥250kgf/m2
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Hotline: +86 13922331804
merry go round
Product introduction

The merry go round has beautiful appearance, small footprint, basically no noise, and comfortable ride, so it has always been very popular. In addition to these advantages, the merry go round is now improved in gameplay, and features such as brilliant lights and wonderful music are added, which can attract more tourists to come and play.
Today's young people are under a lot of pressure in life and work, and the merry go round can relieve the pressure of young people riding on it, so many young people go to the park to sit on the merry go round at night. In addition, the merry go round is small in size, can be operated flexibly, and is very convenient. It is the first choice for the initial investment in the amusement equipment industry.
Features of merry go round:
1. Gorgeous lighting, using energy-saving LED lights, inlaid light strips, constitute a dazzling world of light and shadow, a variety of lighting changes, so that the merry go round has enough ornamental and attractive.
2. The luxury merry go round is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, from horses to cornices, with bright colors and vivid cartoon shapes.
3. The merry go round has a fashionable decoration. In terms of design concept, the appearance design and carving technology are the mainstream of contemporary fashion culture, and the fun brought by the merry go round is gathered, so that the experiencer can be entertained in a romantic environment.


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