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The Magic Ball-Shooting Track Train is a thrilling combination of speed, interactivity, and excitement. With its pulsating speed, unique ball-shooting gameplay, and striking design, this ride is the epitome of adrenaline-pumping amusement park entertainment.

Magic Ball-shooting Track Train Thrill Park Ride

Product Details
Name: Magic Ball-shooting
Voltage:  Single phase AC220V/ 50~60Hz   
Power:  5KW  
Operating speed:                      ≤ 1.5m/s           
Operating height:  ≤ 1.2m 
Rated loading:                      18 passengers       
Size:                      7.63*6.83m                               
Height:                                          4m                           4m
Weight:  about 3.5T  
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Hotline: +86 13922331804
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Product introduction

Pulse-Pounding Speed:
The Magic Ball-Shooting Track Train accelerates with lightning-fast speed, propelling thrill-seekers along a looping track. As the train rockets forward, passengers can feel the exhilarating rush of wind against their faces, adding to the heart-pounding excitement of the ride.

Interactive Gameplay:
This coaster takes the adventure to the next level with its unique ball-shooting feature. Equipped with specially designed cannons, passengers can shoot balls at targets strategically placed throughout the ride. Aim carefully and score points as you twist, turn, and drop on the track. Compete with friends and family to see who can hit the most targets and claim the title of sharpshooter.

Mind-Blowing Design:
The Magic Ball-Shooting Track Train boasts an eye-catching design that captures the attention of park visitors. Featuring vibrant colors, sleek curves, and intricate detailing, this ride stands out as both a thrilling attraction and a visual masterpiece. Its towering height and impressive size ensure a commanding presence within the park.

Safety and Comfort:
Safety is paramount, and the Magic Ball-Shooting Track Train prioritizes rider security. The ride is equipped with robust safety measures, including safety restraints, emergency brakes, and regular maintenance checks to ensure a safe and smooth experience for all passengers. Additionally, the train’s comfortable seating and smooth ride ensure that riders can fully enjoy the thrill without sacrificing comfort.

Unforgettable Thrills:
The Magic Ball-Shooting Track Train guarantees an unforgettable experience for riders of all ages. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a friendly competition, this ride combines speed, interactivity, and breathtaking loops to keep you on the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for twists, turns, and surprises at every corner as you embark on this ultimate adventure.

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