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As we all know, the indispensable equipment in the playground is the merry-go-round. The classic carousel can be regarded as a standard product. In order to build the reputation of the carousel brand in the industry, our company specially developed 3-person, 6-person and 8-person carousel. To adapt to different market needs, customers can choose from a variety of options.
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The main occupants of the three-person carousel are children, its cute and sweet cartoon style is more attractive to children.

Lucky Angel Small Carousel Mini Merry Go Round 

Product Details
Voltage: Single Phase 220V 50Hz
Rated Power: 550W
Time Setting: 0.5-7.5min (adjustable)
Rotating Direction: Clockwise
Linear Speed: ≤0.5M/s (adjustable)
Turning Diameter: 1.25M Without Fence
Rated Capacity: 3 Kids (120KG)
Height: 2.3M
Weight:  About 350KG
Ground Bearing Capacity: ≥250kgf/㎡
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Product introduction

The small carousel is mainly customized for small playgrounds, with the advantages of small footprint, high visitor conversion rate and low maintenance cost. Small carousel is one of the more popular children's amusement equipment in the carousel family. Its appearance design is in line with children's preferences and has a unique design.
Small carousel is a children's amusement equipment suitable for children's amusements of younger ages. Small carousel are generally small in size and low in height, such as 3Passengers carousel, 6Passengers carousel, 8Passengers carousel, 12Passengers carousel, etc. The small carousel has a simple structure and, therefore, is relatively inexpensive.
The business scope of small carousel is mainly in shopping malls, shopping malls, squares, large supermarkets, children's parks, playgrounds, temple fairs and other venues.
Which manufacturer is the best for small carousel?
Guangzhou Sunhong Entertainment Equipment Co.,Ltd., a professional carousel amusement equipment manufacturer, has a variety of merry-go-round amusement equipment with novel designs, which are very popular among tourists, and are sold at home and abroad, and are widely praised.


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