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The Spartan city-state is located in Laconia in the southern Peloponnese. Around the beginning of the second millennium BC, a group of Greek tribes made up of the Akayas came to the Peloponnese.
In the middle of the second millennium BC, the Akayas established cities in Laconia, which were then under the rule of the Mycenaean state.
Around 1100 BC, another group of Greek tribes composed of Dorians invaded the Peloponnese from the northern part of the Greek peninsula, and one of them entered Laconia, destroying the urban civilization of the Mycenaean era.
The Dorians who entered Laconia were divided into three tribes and were still at the end of the primitive society. From the 10th century BC to the 9th century BC, five villages were linked into a new political center, which was the Sparta city of the Dorians.It's called a city, and it actually has neither walls nor decent streets. The Dorians living in this area are called Spartans.
The Spartans were brave and warlike, and their warhorses were their lifelong friends.

Knight Sparta II Mr Christmas Holiday Carousel Merry Go Round Suppliers

Product Details


3N+PE 380V/220V 50+60Hz




4.3M with top decoration/3.1M without top decoration

4.Jumping height


5.Turning speed

about 4 RPM

6.Floor space

Φ5.5M with fence4.5M without fence23.75





9.Ground bearing strength:


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high-end luxury carousel
Product introduction

Classification of carousel:
1. Distinguish by configuration
According to the configuration, it is mainly divided into luxury carousel and simple carousel. The difference lies in whether the cornices, ceiling and lighting assembly of the carousel are rich or missing. The configuration is different, the price is definitely different, and the difficulty of installation is also different. The simple carousel that is easy to disassemble and assemble is more suitable for mobile operations such as temple fairs, and the higher-end luxury carousel is suitable for fixed places such as amusement parks;
2. According to the transmission mode
It is mainly divided into upper transmission carousel and lower transmission carousel; the transmission mode of the upper transmission carousel is the motor + gear transmission of the top large plate device, and the lower transmission is the mode of the lower motor + belt. The most obvious difference in appearance is that the chassis height of the upper drive carousel is lower than the ground, about 5 cm, while the lower drive carousel is about 20 cm above the ground due to the existence of the lower tires and belts. The top drive carousel is more expensive, more durable, and more comfortable to seat. The lower drive carousel is cheaper, the belts and tires are easily damaged, the rotation noise is loud and jerky, and the seat is rocking up and down.
3. Distinguish by appearance
Mainly: European carousel, retro carousel, ocean carousel, cartoon carousel, and other new carousel shapes. The European-style carousel is European-style, and the eaves are European-style spires. The appearance is mostly white and golden yellow; the appearance of the retro carousel is mostly old-fashioned, wood-grain-like material treatment, and the colors are mainly red and black. The ocean carousel is in the shape of seagrass and coral-shaped cornices, the color is mainly blue, and the seats are all aquatic creatures such as seahorses, fish, etc.; the color of the cartoon carousel is very colorful, and different themes are matched with different cornices , color, seat shape, such as bug cartoon carousel, ant kingdom; other new carousel, such as the flying hat.
The choice of carousel still depends on the investor's purpose, the style of the overall playground, etc.

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