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Sparta was one of the ancient Greek city-states, which means "a cultivable plain".
The city of Sparta is located in the southern part of the Central Laconia Plain, on the west bank of the Europa’s River, where the famous Spartan warriors were born.
In them, there is a spirit of unremitting pursuit for honor, giving everything for loved ones, fighting fearlessly for freedom, and learning to take responsibility bravely and resolutely! Step on the horse and feel the spirit of the warrior!

Knight Sparta I -12Seats Mr Christmas Carousel Mari Go Round 

Product Details
Voltage: 3n+pe 380v/220v 50+60hz
Power: 2.2kw
Height: 4.3m With Top Decoration/3.1m Without Top Decoration
Jumping Height: 180mm
Turning Speed: about 4 Rpm
Floor Space: Φ5.5m With Fence(4.5m Without Fence) 23.75㎡
Weight: 2.5t
Passengers: 12
Ground Bearing Strength: ≥250kgf/㎡
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Product introduction

The carousel is a time-honored amusement ride that has always been a favorite of tourists. Therefore, the passenger flow of the carousel has been large and stable. A large number of long-term operations will definitely cause a large loss of the carousel, so the carousel is routinely maintained and maintained.
1. After the carousel has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to conduct an overall overhaul of the carousel to ensure that the carousel can be in good operation.
2. The fasteners of each part of the carousel machine should be checked frequently. The characteristic is that the firm parts of the safety part should be more careful. If loose, find the cause and repair and tighten it in time to avoid accidents.
3. If conditions permit, a shading shed can be built to prevent direct sunlight from causing the appearance of the carousel to age and affect its service life.
4. The staff should regularly check the operation of the mechanical transmission parts, pay attention to the abnormal noise and unknown heat generated during the operation in real time, and eliminate the faults in time to avoid increasing the number of maintenance.
5. The carousel body should be kept clean frequently. When there is dust, it should be cleaned with a soft cloth or a small amount of detergent;the glass fiber reinforced plastic part can use car polish to keep the luster and increase the service life.


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