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Happy Train Thomas 6V Battery Train  Manufacturer 12 Seats Rotating Ride

Product Details
Rated Voltage:  AC220V / 50HZ
Rated Power:  2.2kw
Occupied Space:  4.35 x 1.8 m without fence
Height:  2.5m
Turning Radius:  0.45m
Operation Height:  1.52m
Rotate speed:  5~8 RPM
Passenger :  12 persons
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Train Rides
Hotline: +86 13922331804
thomas the train battery operated
thomas and friends battery operated train
busch gardens roller coasters
Product introduction

The battery train uses batteries to generate power, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and uses resources effectively. With a personalized control system, it has the advantages of flexible steering, comfortable hand feel, light and smooth, easy to drive, electric can be recycled, and long life.
The emergence of battery train will naturally attract consumers to try. And its super experience brings consumers a lot of joy and surprises. In some large amusement parks, battery train can assist other means of transport to lead tourists to the park, and can better integrate with sightseeing attractions or activities. This practicality has earned it a lot of praise. In addition, battery train have also become a major feature of the city, so more cities will choose to use battery train to drive the development of tourism, thereby stimulating consumption. As the supply becomes more widespread, the number of consumers will naturally increase. In recent years, the sales of battery train in the national amusement equipment market have been increasing, with diversified brands and good safety performance, bringing more and more interest to children who play.
The battery train is powered by a battery, which does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. It can be used only by charging the battery. The battery train can make full use of the surplus electricity when the electricity consumption is low at night, so that the power generation equipment can make full use of it day and night. , greatly improving its economic benefits, is conducive to saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other advantages.

Happy Train Thomas 6V Battery Train  Manufacturer 12 Seats Rotating Ride

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