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As we all know, the indispensable equipment in the playground is the merry-go-round. The classic carousel can be regarded as a standard product. In order to build the reputation of the carousel brand in the industry, our company specially developed 3-person, 6-person and 8-person carousel. To adapt to different market needs, customers can choose from a variety of options.
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The 6-passenger carousel is mainly for children. It adopts the style of the European palace and castle, showing high-end luxury. At night, the colorful lights on the ceiling of the castle on the pillars are like fireworks, and it is like a beautiful landscape in the dark square.

Dream Castle Mini Flying Carousel Busch Gardens Rides Merry Go Round

Product Details
Voltage: single phase 220V 50Hz
Rated Power: 2kw
Time Setting: 1-5min (adjustable)
Rotating Direction: clockwise
Linear Speed: ≤1m/s
Turning Diameter: 1.75m
Rated Capacity: 6 kids (240kg)
Height: 3.1m
Weight:  about 1T
Dimension: φ2.15m without fence, φ3m with fence)
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Dream Castle
Product introduction

The Dream Castle operates on a single-phase 220V 50Hz voltage system, ensuring a safe and reliable ride for all passengers. With a rated power of 2kW, this miniature marvel packs a punch while providing an energy-efficient experience.
One of the standout features of the Dream Castle is its adjustable time setting, allowing riders to customize their experience. With a time range of 1 to 5 minutes, guests can enjoy a quick spin or indulge in a longer, magical journey.
As the Dream Castle begins its whimsical rotation, riders are transported in a clockwise direction, adding to the sense of enchantment. With a gentle linear speed of ≤1m/s, passengers can relax and take in the mesmerizing sights around them as they gracefully soar through the air.
The compact turning diameter of 1.75 meters ensures that riders feel a delightful sense of intimacy and connection with the enchanting carousel. This intimate space allows for a close-up view of the intricately designed characters adorning the ride, enhancing the overall magical ambiance.
The Dream Castle is the perfect attraction for children, accommodating up to 6 kids with a maximum weight capacity of 240kg. Young adventurers can join their friends on this mesmerizing journey, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Standing at a height of 3.1 meters, the Dream Castle offers a sense of grandeur and splendor. As young riders ascend, they will feel like princes and princesses, embarking on a majestic quest in search of thrilling adventures.
Despite its captivating features, the Dream Castle remains lightweight, weighing approximately 1 ton. This ensures ease of transportation and installation, allowing amusement parks to easily incorporate this magnificent ride into their attractions.
With a diameter of φ2.15 meters without a fence and φ3 meters with a fence, the Dream Castle is designed with safety in mind. The sturdy fence provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that young riders can enjoy their magical journey worry-free.

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