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As we all know, the indispensable equipment in the park is the merry-go-round. The classic carousel can be regarded as a standard product.
In order to build the reputation of the carousel brand in the industry, our company specially developed 3-person, 6-person and 8-person carousel. Malay adapts to different market needs and can provide customers with diversified choices.
Appearance Creation:
The sweet candy style and the lovely pink tones express the sweet mood of a girl, and the donut shape with a big smallpox makes people want to take a bite when they see it from a distance. The snow-white horses revolve around the colorful candies in the center column, and riding on the horses is like being in a dream.

Dream Castle Carousel 8 Seats Merry Round Carrousel SQ

Product Details
Rated Voltage: AC220V / 50HZ
Power: 1.8kw (motor 1.5kw, lighting decoration 0.3kw)
Operating Way: rotating
Diameter: 4m with fence
Height: 3.2m
Operating Height: <0.94m (chair side)
Operating Speed: ≦1m/s
Weight: 1.2T
Passengers: 8 kids ( ≦320kg)
Ground Bearing Strength: 250kgf/㎡
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christmas carousel
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Dream Castle
Product introduction

Selection criteria for dream castle 8 seats carousel:
1. Motor selection.
The motor is the core of the dream castle 8 seats carousel. Only if the motor is qualified and qualified, can the merry-go-round be driven. The motor that does not meet the standard may not be able to drive the merry-go-round, or it may be forced to drive and cause the motor to burn out.
2. Overall quality.
3. Selection of horse rod cage.
The dream castle 8 seats carousel can bring the atmosphere of fairy tales to children. Matching the connecting rod is the horse rod cage that fixes the rod. The selection of the rod cage is very important. The dream castle 8 seats carousel must use all cast steel for normal operation. The bearing type horse rod ball cage, only the full cast steel can ensure the effect of the ball cage without deformation. However, the welding parts will deform for a long time, which will affect the function of the dream castle 8 seats carousel. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a bearing-type horse rod cage as much as possible, because the contact area is small and the friction force is small, so it is much easier to drive.
4. The overall shape should be beautiful.
The dream castle 8 seats carousel is a kind of non-stimulating amusement project, which mainly relies on beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music to attract people, so the overall shape of dream castle 8 seats carousel is very, very important.
5. Electrical accessories must be qualified.

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