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Product Details
Rated Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
Rated Power: 7KW
Occupied Space: 6.5 x 6.5m with fence
Height: 4m
Operating Height: ≤ 1.94m
Swing Speed: ≤1.6m/s
Turning Speed: 5~7 RPM
Swing Angle: 60~80° adjustable
Weight: about 2T
Passenger: 5 persons
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Hotline: +86 13922331804
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Product introduction

What do pendulum rides feel like?
Riders often experience near-weightlessness as they approach the top of a pendulum ride. If the ride is the type that makes a complete 360-degree circle, they experience a feeling of complete weightlessness.
What causes the feeling of weightlessness on pendulum rides?
At the very top of the pendulum ride, riders begin to fall out of their seats. Since a 180-pound person is no longer in full contact with his seat, the seat is no longer pushing on him with 180 pounds of force. Thus, the rider has a sensation of weighing less than his normal weight.
How does pendulum ride work?
Pendulums have 4 main forces: tangential forces due to gravity, perpendicular forces due to gravity, tensile forces in the string/arm, and downward forces due to gravity. These forces change as the ride moves in an arc due to the different angles.
How safe are pendulum rides?
During a pendulum ride, the body is exposed to a certain amount of force due to the acceleration. Though the body can handle small amounts and durations of this force, it could pose threats to those who are suffering from medical conditions or even minor stress on the body. Therefore, it is not recommended for such tourists to play this game.


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