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Product Idea Source - Donut Salon
Donut Salon is a business simulation mobile game.
Ding~ The oven is ringing again, and it's time to make desserts by yourself! Tired of cookies and cakes? Why not try donuts? It will definitely bring you a different taste experience.
Make donuts, starting with the ingredients, you have to do everything yourself, what flavor, what color, and how to decorate it, it's all up to you.Make a few more and share with family and friends, and they'll be sure to rave about your cooking skills.
Of course, if you like, you can also take photos of your own works, and come back to review the memories at that time in the future, the sweet and delicious taste will definitely linger in my heart.

Crazy Donuts  Amusement Rotating DisneylandList Six Flags New Ride

Product Details
Power: AC380V 50Hz three phase five wire/ 18.1kw 
Occupied Space: 8000*4500 (mm)
Total Height: 4m 
Operating Speed: 1.9 m/s
Turning Speed: 14 RPM
Turning Diameter: 3.2 m
Weight: about 4T
Passenger: 10 persons (700kg)
Ground Bearing Capacity: ≥300kgf/㎡
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Product introduction

What precautions should be taken before the operation of the amusement rides?
Take good care of your belongings, and remove accessories that are easy to fall in advance;
Do not wear long windbreakers or long scarves when riding in rotating amusement rides, and those with long hair should take effective tying measures;
After taking your seat, you should fasten your seat belt, press the safety bar, and adjust your body to the correct sitting posture as required by the staff.
What are the precautions for the operation of amusement rides?
Keep the correct sitting position; both hands should hold the safety handle tightly; the body and limbs should not be stretched out of the cabin;
Do not intentionally shake the cockpit; do not stand or squat at will, let alone take pictures during operation;
In the event of an accident such as the stoppage of the amusement  rides, do not panic and follow the instructions of the staff.
What precautions should be taken after the operation of the amusement rides?
Visitors are not allowed to tamper with or open the safety device until the end signal is given;
After the amusement rides are completely stopped, untie the safety device according to the requirements of the staff;
When leaving your seat, keep your head and feet safe.

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