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Bull Train  Wholesale Magic Kingdom Rides Battery Locomotive Train

Product Details
Power Supply: DC48V-(4*12v) 150AH lead-acid maintenance-free 
Working Voltage: DC12V (decoration and control) /DC48V (motor)
Operating Current: Battery average output less than 15A
Charger: Automatic smart charger 48V/25A
Charge Time: 6-8h
Mileage: About 60 km (8~12h )
Electronic Control System: Brush-less motor controller
Drive Power: 1.2kw (DC brush-less motor)
Passenger: 11 persons
Max Load Capacity: 140kg/(single carriage),770kg/(whole train)
Max Speed: ≤ 5km/h (full load)
Turning Radius: Turning radius inner side ≧1.8m, Turning radius outer side ≧2.9m
Train Weight: 830KG
Total Size: 10.85m (L) x1.3m (W) x 1.42m (H)
Locomotive Size: 1.92m (L) X1.17 (W) X1.42 (H)
Carriage Size: 1.78m (L) x 1.3m (W) x 1.1m (H) (with pull rod)
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Train Rides
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battery train for wooden track
Product introduction

The Battery Train is a new and innovative mode of transportation that incorporates battery-powered technology to reduce emissions and provide a more efficient ride. This transportation system is becoming increasingly popular in cities that are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint while still providing reliable and affordable transportation for their citizens.
The Battery Train is designed to operate on rechargeable batteries that produce zero emissions. This means that the Battery Train is a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly mode of transportation compared to traditional trains that run on fossil fuels. Moreover, the battery-powered technology used in the Battery Train makes it quieter, smoother, and more energy-efficient.
The Battery Train has several benefits over other types of transport. It is faster than walking or cycling and cheaper than driving a car. Plus, with the use of battery-powered technology, it has become much more eco-friendly. It's ideal for short distances and small cities where the cost of building or maintaining a traditional train system is not feasible. The Battery Train is also incredibly accessible, making it an excellent option for persons with disabilities.
The Battery Train is not just an environmentally-friendly option; it also offers numerous economic benefits. By reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, the Battery Train helps to reduce spending on the importation of oil and gas. The use of Battery Train can also contribute to the growth of local economies, as it creates job opportunities in the manufacturing and maintenance of the trains and their infrastructure. Moreover, it has a positive impact on tourism, as visitors are attracted to cities that offer sustainable transportation options.

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