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Product Story Introduction
Legend has it that the beautiful and mysterious Arctic Ocean is covered with crystal clear glaciers and white snow all the year round. In this silver-white fairy tale world, there is a magical magical island frozen under a hard glacier.
Legend has it that the island is full of huge and diverse colored crystals. As long as a warrior can collect one of the king snowflake sapphire crystals, the curse of freezing will be removed, so the brave explorers drove the "Pirate" icebreaker to break the ice. Chopping waves drifting in the sea of ice, going forward bravely through many difficulties...
Join the warriors, and drive the pirate forward bravely to save the Arctic Ocean continent!

Amazing Ice PirateshippingUsps Islands of Adventure Disney World Rides Manufacturer

Product Details
Rated Voltage: AC380V 50HZ three phase five wire
Rated Power: 3KW
Occupied Space: 5.8 x 3.4m (include the steeps)
Height: 3.7m
Swing Angle: ≤30°
Turning Radius: 2.75m
Operating Height: 1.9m
Operating Speed: ≤2m/s
Weight: about 2T
Passenger: 12 persons (450kg)
Ground Bearing Capacity: ≥300kgf/㎡
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Product introduction

The pirate ship is famous for its exterior design, which is an antique pirate ship, and has a "pirate" shape design as a decorative design. It is a classic playground facility with horizontal axis reciprocating shaking. Passengers ride on the pirate ship, accompanied by the reciprocating shaking of the pirate ship, just like in the turbulent ocean, rushing to the peak of the wave and falling to the trough for a while. People are excited and challenge the limits of your mental state tolerance. It can be widely used in parks, outdoor children's playgrounds, large and medium-sized city squares and other venues.
The pirate ship is a large and medium-sized outdoor playground equipment, which belongs to the high-altitude sightseeing amusement equipment. The appearance of the pirate ship is a large ship, which seems to be able to sail on land. Coupled with the large and medium-sized heavy arms, it is like flying at the speed of life, showing its majestic hair in the rushing stormy waves.
How does a pirate ship have fun? The pirate ship is equivalent to a large swing, and there will be a whole process of hitting down the storm and rising up. For the upward direction, most people can accept it, but when hitting the downburst, there will be a feeling that the heart is going to fly out, and you can try to maintain a stable inhalation and be afraid. Such an exciting and fun amusement equipment, many children and parents must try to ride an amusement equipment.



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