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Product Story Introduction
Legend has it that the beautiful and mysterious Arctic Ocean is covered with crystal clear glaciers and white snow all the year round. In this silver-white fairy tale world, there is a magical magical island frozen under a hard glacier.
Legend has it that the island is full of huge and diverse colored crystals. As long as a warrior can collect one of the king snowflake sapphire crystals, the curse of freezing will be removed, so the brave explorers drove the "Pirate" icebreaker to break the ice. Chopping waves drifting in the sea of ice, going forward bravely through many difficulties...
Join the warriors, and drive the pirate forward bravely to save the Arctic Ocean continent!

Amazing Ice Pirate Ship International Splash Mountain Disney Worlda Factory Simple Rides Manufactory

Product Details
Rated Voltage: AC380V 50HZ three phase five wire
Rated Power: 3KW
Occupied Space: 5.8 x 3.4m (include the steeps)
Height: 3.7m
Swing Angle: ≤30°
Turning Radius: 2.75m
Operating Height: 1.9m
Operating Speed: ≤2m/s
Weight: about 2T
Passenger: 12 persons (450kg)
Ground Bearing Capacity: ≥300kgf/㎡
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Pirate Ship Manufacturers china
Product introduction

The Pirate Ship is a renowned amusement park ride that combines the excitement of swinging motion with captivating pirate theming. 
1. Power and Voltage:
The Pirate Ship is powered by AC380V 50HZ three-phase five-wire, making it a reliable and safe ride. The rated power of 3KW ensures that the ride operates smoothly and efficiently, providing a thrilling experience for all riders.
2. Space and Height:
The Pirate Ship requires an occupied space of 5.8 x 3.4m, including the steeps. This compact design allows the ride to fit into smaller areas without sacrificing on the swinging motion. Additionally, the ride stands tall at a height of 3.7m, creating an impressive presence that captures the attention of visitors.
3. Swing Angle and Turning Radius:
The Pirate Ship boasts a maximum swing angle of ≤30°, providing riders with an intense and exhilarating experience. The turning radius of 2.75m ensures that the ride remains within a safe range while swinging back and forth, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safe experience for all riders.
4. Operating Height and Speed:
The Pirate Ship operates at an operating height of 1.9m, providing riders with an elevated view of their surroundings. At a speed of ≤2m/s, the ride provides a thrilling yet controlled swing that evokes the feeling of sailing on the high seas.
5. Passenger Capacity and Ground Bearing Capacity:
The Pirate Ship can accommodate up to 12 persons, weighing a total of 450kg. This makes it a great ride for groups or families who want to experience the thrills together. Additionally, the ride has a ground bearing capacity of ≥300kgf/㎡, ensuring that it can safely operate in various conditions.
The Pirate Ship is a thrilling amusement park ride that captivates visitors with its swinging motion and pirate theming. But, it also boasts impressive technical specifications that contribute to its exceptional performance and safety. Its power and voltage, space and height, swing angle and turning radius, operating height and speed, and passenger and ground bearing capacity make it a must-ride attraction for those seeking a thrilling and safe experience. So, go ahead and climb aboard the Pirate Ship for an unforgettable high-seas adventure!



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