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Product Creativity Source - Frozen
From the 2013 Disney 3D animated film, it is Disney's 90th anniversary commemorative work. The film is adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "Snow White".
The film tells the story of the small country Arendelle, which is forever covered by ice and snow due to a spell. In order to find summer, Princess Anna teamed up with mountain man Christoph and his reindeer partner on an adventure to save the kingdom.

Amazing Ice Pirate Ship Cost Woocommerce Pirate Ship Shopify

Product Details
Rated Voltage: AC380V 50HZ three phase five wire
Rated Power: 3KW
Occupied Space: 5.8 x 3.4m (include the steeps)
Height: 3.7m
Swing Angle: ≤30°
Turning Radius: 2.75m
Operating Height: 1.9m
Operating Speed: ≤2m/s
Weight: about 2T
Passenger: 12 persons (450kg)
Ground Bearing Capacity: ≥300kgf/㎡
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Product introduction

The pirate ship is named after its shape imitating the ancient pirate ship. The pirate ship is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor playgrounds, parks, squares, family entertainment and other places.
Features of Pirate Ship:
1. Taking into account the interests and psychology of children, the design of the pirate ship starts from the appearance of the characters and the colorful paintings, so that the children can play happily and fully stimulate the children's innocence interest.
2. Passengers ride on the pirate ship and swing back and forth from slow to urgent, just like surfing in the rough sea, sometimes surfing the crest of the wave, sometimes falling to the bottom of the valley, thrilling and rich in entertainment.
3. The pirate ship can be placed not only outdoors, but also indoors, which is more convenient than ordinary amusement equipment.
Precautions for taking a pirate ship:
1. Before boarding a pirate ship, please read the instructions for passengers.
2. When the pirate ship is running, no one is allowed to watch within two meters around the equipment, so as not to hurt tourists.
3. Before the pirate ship starts to operate, it is necessary to fasten the seat belt on the seat. Without the permission of the staff, it is not allowed to untie the safety device such as the seat belt.
4. When the pirate ship is running, the staff must close the protective door at the entrance of the hull, and tourists must hold the safety bar in front of the seat.
5. Before running the pirate ship, please carefully check the safety fence around the hull. The safety fence must not be loose. When running, please do not put your hand into the safety fence to avoid injury.
6. When the pirate ship is in operation and the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails, which endangers the safety of passengers, it is necessary to activate the automatic or manual emergency stop device.



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