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 Luxury Sightseeing Diesel Fuel Lithium Battery Train Factory Christmas Train

Product Details
Motor Power :  15KW
Max Speed:  20km/h 
Battery :  72V 800A 
Charging Time:  8-10 hours
Mileage:  about 100km (10~12h )
Max Capacity:  3000kg
Weight:  1.5T
Turning circle radius:  7m minimum
Total Size:  8.36m length x 1.8m width x2.45 m height
Rated Passenger:  40 persons (42seats)
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Train Rides
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Product introduction

Sustainable transportation has become a global priority, and the Luxury Sightseeing Battery Train is at the forefront of this movement. 
1. Powerful and Efficient:
The Luxury Sightseeing Battery Train boasts a 15KW motor power, allowing it to effortlessly navigate various terrains. With a maximum speed of 20km/h, this train ensures a smooth and leisurely journey for passengers to relish the surrounding sights. Its efficient battery system, consisting of a 72V 800A lithium battery, provides ample power for an uninterrupted and eco-friendly ride.
2. Extended Battery Life and Charging:
The train's lithium battery offers a remarkable mileage of approximately 100 kilometers, allowing for an impressive 10-12 hours of continuous operation. After a full day of exploration, the battery can be recharged in just 8-10 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.
3. Luxurious Comfort:
Step aboard the Luxury Sightseeing Battery Train and immerse yourself in a world of opulence. With a maximum capacity of 40 persons, including 42 comfortable seats, this train offers a spacious and relaxing environment. Passengers can unwind as they admire the breathtaking views through large windows, making their sightseeing experience even more memorable.
4. Impeccable Design and Manufacturing:
Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Luxury Sightseeing Battery Train is an epitome of elegance. Its sleek and streamlined design creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance while minimizing air resistance. The train's exterior combines modernity and sophistication, turning heads wherever it goes.
5. Maneuverability and Safety:
Equipped with a turning circle radius of just 7 meters, the Luxury Sightseeing Battery Train effortlessly navigates through narrow paths and tight corners. This remarkable maneuverability ensures that passengers can admire even the most intricate landscapes without any obstacles. Moreover, safety remains a top priority, as the train weighs 1.5 tons, ensuring stability and peace of mind for passengers and operators alike.
6. Unforgettable Experiences:
The Luxury Sightseeing Battery Train promises an unforgettable journey, whether it's for tourists exploring new destinations or visitors embarking on a magical Christmas adventure. This sustainable mode of transportation not only reduces the carbon footprint but also enhances the overall experience with its luxurious features and eco-friendly operations.


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